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Title:Carpal Tunnel syndrome treatment Bangalore
Category:Fitness Health: Public Health and Safety
Description:CTS is a peripheral neuropathy of the median nerve. It causes compression of the median nerve in carpel tunnel at wrist. It causes pain, numbness, paresthesia in the distribution of the median nerve (Thumb, index and middle finger). Some of the predisposing factors include: diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, hypothyroidism and heavy manual work or work with vibrating tools. Dr. Ganesh Veerabhadraiah, has been providing all neuro services at Neurowellness since 13 years. Dr Ganesh Veerabhadraiah is one of a limited number of Neurosurgeons around the world who have advanced training in carpal tunnel syndrome treatment disease processes.
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Meta Description:Find the best carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Bangalore. Get guidance from Dr. Ganesh medical expert carpal tunnel syndrome specialist in Bangalore from NeuroWellness.
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